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High Quality Rice – Exclusive offer!

Kurland Trading are excited to announce a brand new business opportunity for you.
We’re now offering: High Quality Original Rice from different parts of India.

We offer six types of Original Indian rice:
– Creamy Sella Basmati Rice
– Golden Sella Basmati Rice
– Steamed White Basmati Rice
– Long grain white rice
– Long grain parboiled rice
– 100% Broken rice.

Durability: 2-3 years, from date of purchase.

Certifications: SGS Certificate, Fumigation Certificate, etc.

We guarantee:
Professional trade – with focus on reliability and trust.
Kurland Trading will always ensure your interest. What you’re ordering, is what you’ll get – without compromising.
Shipments will always be within 2 weeks, from order date.


We offer our products in three size variations: 10 KG, 20 KG and 50 KG packs.

If you order: 10 KG and 20 KG packs.
– 20 feet DC container can contain approx. 25 tons of rice
– 40 feet HC container can contain approx. 28 tons of rice.

If you order: 10 KG, 20 KG and 50 KG packs.
– 20 feet DC container can contain approx. 18-20 tons of rice
– 40 feet HC container can contain approx. 28 tons of rice.

Our prices*

Creamy Sella Basmati RiceUSD 954USD 17.172USD 25.758
Golden Sella Basmati RiceUSD 1.026USD 18.468USD 27.702
Steamed White Basmati RiceUSD 1.026USD 18.468USD 27.702
Long grain parboiled riceUSD 453USD 8.154USD 12.231
Long grain white riceUSD 460USD 8.280USD 12.420
100% Broken riceUSD 370USD 6.660USD 9.990

*Important: Please note that our prices are indicative. You can always get the daily price, by contacting us directly.
*This is export prices and transport are not included.

*Our price list is based on orders of 10 KG, 20 KG and 50 KG packs of rice.


We able to distribute this product Worldwide.

Examples of transport and pricing:

TemaUSD 1.967USD 2.76637 days
TakoradiUSD 2.694USD 3.85747 days
AbidjanUSD 2.083USD 3.15931 days 
Tin CanUSD 1.967USD 2.76629 days 
ApapaUSD 1.938USD 2.75227 days 
ConakryUSD 2.301USD 3.75529 days 
FreetownUSD 2.301USD 3.75539 days 
MonroviaUSD 2.083USD 3.85733 days 
LoméUSD 1.938USD 2.69433 days 
CotonouUSD 1.938USD 2.69440 days 
BanjulUSD 2.374USD 3.24634 days 
DakarUSD 2.083USD 2.81033 days 
MombasaUSD 1.402USD 2.04013 days 
DoualaUSD 1.380USD 1.93049 days
Dar Es SalaamUSD 1.380USD 1.77832 days
ZanzibarUSD 3.328USD 5.85436 days

If your country is not on the list, please contact us for specific pricing.