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Living Room Furniture
Specific Use:
Living Room Sofa
General Use:
Home Furniture

Kurland Trading is excited to offer you a NEW Business opportunity: High Quality Used Leather Furniture.


All our furniture is in high quality leather and in really good condition. We do not sell broken furniture or furniture with broken leather.

Types of Furniture:
– Leather Chairs
– Two-Seat Leather Sofas
– Three-Seat Leather Sofas
– Four-Seat Leather Sofas

Color options:
– Mixed (e.g. Dark Brown Leather, Black Leather, Wine Red Leather, etc.)


Leather Chair50,00 €
Leather Chair (With Armrest)50,00 €
Two-Seat Leather Sofa120,00 €
Three-Seat Leather Sofa135,00 €
Three-Seat Leather Sofa (With Chaise Longue)200,00 €
Leather Bar Stools (Set of 4 Stools)100,00 €
Leather Chair + Leather Chair + Three-Seat Leather Sofa160,00 €
Leather Chair + Two-Seat Leather Sofa + Three-Seat Leather Sofa220,00 €
Leather Chair + Three-Seat Leather Sofa140,00 €
Two-Seat Leather Sofa + Two-Seat Leather Sofa160,00 €
Two-Seat Leather Sofa + Three-Seat Leather Sofa160,00 €
Two-Seat Leather Sofa + Three-Seat Leather Sofa + Three-Seat Leather Sofa240,00 €
Two-Seat Leather Sofa + Three-Seat Leather Sofa + Four-Seat Leather Sofa260,00 €

*excl transport

The shipment will be a of all different models.

40 set furniture will fit in a 40 FT. HC. It will be possible to fill container with other products, besides the 40 sets furniture. (e.g. LCD TV’s and smaller products) 

This is an export price and we ship Worldwide.